October 2020

My Outside HVAC System Is Making A Noise

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Before we begin analyzing your systems issue, its important to make sure that your HVAC system is well maintained throughout the year. Alternating seasons can put your system through a lot! The best way to keep your system working efficiently all year long is to have it serviced once every season. You might notice the [...]

September 2020

Indoor Air Quality and Proper Ventilation of Your Home

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Indoor air quality is important whether at home or at work. The EPA states that in the last few years scientific evidence has shown that the air quality within our homes and place of business can be more polluted then outdoor air. This evidence even included more industrialized cities. Additionally, people spend as much as [...]

March 2020

A safety message from Automatic Climate

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We want to play our role in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. For regularly scheduled visits we will be providing some modifications to our services. We will not enter the living spaces of homes without necessity. If we must, Technicians will provide a light cleaning to disinfect accessible return air ducts and blower units in [...]

March 2018

Is closing air vents in unused rooms a good or bad idea?

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Most of us don’t give a second thought about whether or not to close air vents in unused rooms. This scenario doesn’t come up too often in a home – since most rooms are utilized. Where it can happen more commonly is an office building, especially a large one. Instinctually we assume that closing vents [...]

February 2018

The New Way To Heat and Cool Your Home

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It's no longer considered a luxury to heat and cool a home with an HVAC system. These "modern" comforts are what many feel they cannot live without, and many literally can’t. Unfortunately, the cost of staying comfortable year round regardless of weather can be quite high if it is approached in a conventional fashion. [...]

November 2017

Can an HVAC heating & air conditioning system make you sick?

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There’s an old and ongoing argument on whether heating and air conditioning systems can actually make you sick. It can sometimes seem they go hand in hand, especially during cold and flu seasons. So, what is the truth? Do these systems make people ill? And if so, how? In this article, I’ll be looking [...]

March 2013

Top Rated Air Conditioning Repair Services In Richmond

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As a Richmond Home owner you know how volatile the weather can be. A Top Rated Air conditioning repair Service provider can help insure that your air conditioning system is fully functional all year-round. At Automatic Climate, we know that when you need emergency air conditioning repair or an AC replacement, reliable service means everything. [...]

January 2013

Richmond Virginia > Air Conditioning Repair

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Air Conditioning Repair In the Summer As a resident of Richmond Virginia, you know how important air conditioning repair can be. remember how hot it gets mid summer when temperatures hit above 90 degrees. One of the worst experiences for a local homeowner is to walk into their home and find it the same temperature [...]

December 2012

John C. Thornton – Heating Air Repair

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[schema type="review" url="" name="John C. Thornton" description="Heating Repair in Richmond Virginia" rev_name="Heating Repair" rev_body="Thank you for excellent same day service in a timely manner. After my heat went out Joe showed up a few hours later. A few day later on Christmas eve the new fan motor stopped working again. I called Joe and to [...]

Heating Air In Richmond Virginia

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Heating Air using a heat pump HVAC system Through the years Automatic Climate has had to deal with numerious types of heating air systems in the richmond and surrounding areas. The one heating system that we found to work the best is a duel fuel heat pump heating system. The duel fuel heat pump system [...]