December 2012

Heating Repair > Service and Repair Information For Richmond

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It is imperative to have highly sophisticated heating and air conditioning systems in places which face extremely harsh winter and summer months. By doing so, you can live a comfortable and safe life without being vulnerable to seasonable changes. After all, fans and blankets, won’t offer protection from frostbite or heat stroke. Heating repair and [...]

Heating Repair > Fix A Common Heat Pump Problem

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Heating Repair and the most common problems   Although we refer to it as a "heat pump", it's main function is to cool in the summer and heats in the winter. The heat pump's function is to help transfer thermal energy from a heat source to what is known as a heat sink. Heat Pump [...]

November 2012

Converting From Oil To Electric Heat Pump HVAC System

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Convert Your Home From Oil To an Electric Heat Pump HVAC System and Save $$ Why buy a new HVAC system at Automatic Climate? Cooling and Heating your home with oil, a window air conditioner, or an outdated HVAC system will cost you up to $3,050 dollars this year. On average [...]

March 2012

Spring Is Here: Programmable Thermostats and Daylight Savings Time

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Spring is here, and the number one item in homes most people over look is their thermostats. Don't forget to change your programmable thermostat clock to eastern daylight time so the heating or cooling comes on at the correct times.   Keep your home cosy with a Programmable Thermostat Set the temperature within each room to [...]

Energy Saving Tips In Your Home Without An Energy Audit

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In this article, you will find tips to a better, safer, and more energy efficient house. In the tips below, it shows how you can make a "healthier" home. The facts will also help you consume your energy that is contained in your house. Although and Energy Audit is a great place to start, you [...]

January 2012

Most Common Reasons Why You Have a Broken AC Unit

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As a homeowner, you may be in the similar predicament: The temperature outside is rising rapidly and your home is starting to resemble a sauna, but when you turned on your air conditioning unit, nothing happened. The sweet escape of frigid air that you have come to expect never occurred. And even after you checked [...]

3 Tips To Fix Broken Air Conditioning Condensation Pipes

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Reverse cycle (refrigerative) air conditioners contain drain pipes that remove any condensation from an air conditioning system. Sometimes these condensation pipes can become blocked. So what happens if these drain pipes become blocked and what can you do to clear them? Below is a guide to air conditioning drains with 3 tips to maintain and [...]