A Heat Pump is just like an Air Conditioning System that works in reverse. Today you have many choices and grades of Heat Pumps available on the market. Many new homes have opted to use energy efficient heat pumps to help cut down on heating cost while affectively heating their homes. Unlike a geothermal heating and cooling system that uses a ground source pump to help heat your home, an energy efficient heat pump will cost about half the price and perform equally as well.


In Richmond Virginia we often see milder climate as compared to states like Washington and Florida. A heat pump system works best in milder climates like Virginia and will ensure that your home stays warm in the summer and cool in the winter. Once you throw in a dual-fuel heat pump into the mix your cost savings go up even more.


A dual fuel heat pump ensures helps you save money as the temperature outside grows colder. In Richmond Virginia we often see winter “daytime” temperatures hit 35-45 degrees mid winter. However, at night the temperature can drop below 20 degrees. A dual fuel heat pump uses electricity to heat your home above 35 degrees. When the temperature drops below 35 degrees the heat pump converts to using natural gas. Customers that used a duel fuel system saw significant cost savings right away.


Heat pump repairs can often be expensive if you don’t use a NATE certified technician. Why NATE? NATE training goes over the most common heating and air conditioning problems and repairs. When a technician passes the NATE certification it ensures that the part they replace or fix on your system is going to be the right part. Companies that have NATE technicians will almost always offer a one year or a 365 day warranty on the part they replaced. Additionally, if the part they replaced such as a heat pump breaks again make sure that they don’t charge you for the service call to replace the heat pump.


Always deal with a reputable company. The most common complaint was regarding the service company and not the part that was replaced. To save money customers will choose to go with a one man truck operations. While this will save you money, you will end up paying double or triple for that heat pump if it was replaced incorrectly, or the part used was an after market part. Always ask for the broken part back, and make sure that the technician is NATE certified. To prevent dealing with fly by night companies when you replace your heat pump, always ask them how many years they have been in business. 


Angie’s List is a wonderful resource to find great reputable heating and air conditioning contractors in your area. The Better Business Bureau offers certification information, years in business as well as any complaints filed. 


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