Description Of Work:
Automatic Climate cleaned all air ducts throughout the entire house, including vents and intakes (basement, first and second floors).   All vent covers and intakes were scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly before being put back.
Member Comments:
The crew from Automatic Climate was fantastic from start to finish.  I am generally pretty skeptical with service providers as customer service these days seems to be a thing of the past.  Not the case with Automatic Climate.  John and his crew were very professional and polite.  They wouldn’t even enter the house without putting covers on their shoes (When I told them not to worry about foot covers they told me “sorry sir, its company policy. We want to ensure we do not cause dirty up the floors”).  I asked a number of questions and checked in on John and his crew throughout the entire job.  Each time I popped in on them they were hard at work and took the time to answer every/any question I had.  We have a rescued older blind dog that scares very easy.  John and his crew would  literally come to get me each time they would start working in a area where they thought the noise could possibly upset the dog.  While the dog was fine it little things like this that speak volumes about a company and its employees  (In the end they even took the time, and went out of the  way, to check on the dog throughout the day.  Yep,  John and his crew are all very animal friendly). It was nice to see that customer service still exists these days .  Great experience and job well done!
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