Description Of Work:
The original heater/humidifer installation (installed in 1995 by another company) resulted in mold growth in the ductwork at the humidifier. The humidifer section was disassembled, sections with mold removed, cleaned, ductwork fumigated to kill all mold in system, humidifer cleaned, reinstalled, reinsulated, a UV light installed to prevent/kill future mold build up. All the ducts were checked for leaks, all the duct junctions on the inlet and outlet were sealed to prevent leakage, duct work was secured.  The work was proformed correctly and professionally
Member Comments:
The technican came, looked at the mold issue, developed a proposal to address. He also noted the air in the crawl space, where the heater and ducts are located,  was warm and humid, indicating leakage from the duct work. John provided the estimate and time he could perform the work, when I wished to go forward. He showed up on time, began his work addressing the mold around the humidifier. John indicated the work would require approx 6 hrs and I had to take one my children to an Doctors’s appointment, so I left John the payment check, in case he was finished prior to my return. He was still working upon my return. He indicated the UV light was not working properly and he would have to get a new bulb to finish the job the following day. He returned my check, asking me to hold the check until all the work was completed to my satisfication, an honest man. He returned the following day to complete the work. I can tell the crawl space is much cooler, as I am not wasting heat from duct leakage into the crawl space.
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