Heating Repair and the most common problems


Although we refer to it as a “heat pump”, it’s main function is to cool in the summer and heats in the winter.
The heat pump’s function is to help transfer thermal energy from a heat source to what is known as a heat sink.

Heat Pump is a general term and applies to devices that cool a specific room or area. Through the years, HVAC manufacturers have gotten better at using less energy for transferring the cooling or heating.

If you own a home with a central air cooling and heating system that is older then 10 years you might have come accros the following heating repair problems.


How Does a heat pump heat a home?

Cold is the element heat is added to it. The air return inside your home draws in the cold air and blows it across your systems coils. The coils move from inside your home to your outdoor unit. Outside is where the heat transfer occurs. Your outdoor unit draws the cold out of the coils and heats it instead. The coils that are warmed run back into your home and into your air handler. Within the air handler blowers blow air across the heated coils and out your air vents.


Common Heat Pump Heating Problems in the Winter

Since the coolant running through your coils needs to be colder than the air outside, the most common heating problem is coil freezing. Condensation forms on your coils because the temperature inside the coil is always colder than the temperature outside, even in cold weather. When your outdoor unit blows across the coil to warm it, condensation forms. If your systems defrost is malfunctioning, your coils will freeze.


However, the most common problem we see is heat pump failure. If your outside heat pump fails your system will automatically go into backup heat mode using auxiliary or emergency heat. You will be paying to operate an outdoor unit that is doing nothing to warm your home.


Solution to heat pump failure

The best way to ensure your system is running properly is to get an annual system maintenance. Automatic Climate offers one as low as $99 a year. During your annual maintenance, the technician will diagnose and check both your heating and cooling. If your heat pump doesn’t pass the diagnostic, the technician will change out your heat pump or repair the heat pump if possible. Through preventative maintenance, you can save thousands of dollars in repair costs.


If your coils are freezing and your home isn’t heating properly, ensure that your defrost cycle is operating correctly. Frozen coils can’t pull heat back into your home.

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