[schema type=”review” url=”www.automaticclimate.com” name=”Travis Turner” description=”HVAC Air Duct Installation Review” rev_name=”HVAC Air Duct Installation” rev_body=”Last Tuesday (3/28) I had John Ottoson out to help me with some ductwork in my attic.
The guy was top-notch. He had a great attitude – came in smiling and was real good about talking me through the process and what his plan of attack was. Joe Young was also out that day and both guys were fantastic but I mainly worked with John.

I’m really happy with the work those guys did. The temperature difference in the upstairs has improved tremendously – I couldn’t be more pleased.

I’ve always had really great experiences with your guys – I don’t know how you do it but I really wish I could get the same customer service experience from every contractor.
All the best” author=”Travis Turner” pubdate=”2017-04-13″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]