Heating Repair
Heating Repair

Seasonal HVAC Service Agreement Plan

Congratulations on becoming a new homeowner and thank you for choosing Spherient for your insurance needs. Don’t forget to make use of your complimentary one-year service plan for your HVAC system from Automatic Climate!

Better HVAC Protection
  • Protects all HVAC makes and models—regardless of age.

  • Repair coverage that never runs out as long as you are enrolled.

  • Our Service Agreement covers your entire HVAC in any type of residential property.

Priority Service
  • Service Agreement clients get priority service

  • Fastest response time in the industry.

  • All our service technicians are NATE Certified, checked and screened—so you can have peace of mind.

Spherient Discount
  • Coverage for your repairs complimentary for all NEW Spherient customers.

  • Protect yourself against unexpected repairs that could cost you hundreds.

  • Award Winning Service! We have an outstanding A+ rating from the BBB. Customer service is the foundation of our company.

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HVAC Maintenance Saves You Money!

A Heating and Air Conditioning Service Agreement Plan is put in place to help prevent the premature breakdown of system components and extend the life of your equipment by providing comprehensive preventative maintenance twice per year.

An Automatic Climate Service Agreement plan can help you avoid unexpected bills on your Residential or Commercial HVAC systems as well as reduce the hassle of finding a solution.

Come and see why over 20,000 Virginia residents trust Automatic Climate for their HVAC AC repair needs.



Every Make and Model: Our expert NATE certified technicians can repair any heating system regardless of make and model.

Award Winning Service: Automatic Climate has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award every year in every HVAC related category. We have an outstanding A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Customer service is at the foundation of our company.

What if it’s 95 degrees outside and your fan-motor gives out?
What if your heat pump stops when its 23 degrees?

With an Exclusive Service Agreement, you’re covered no matter what happens.
You call — a NATE-certified technician will be there to diagnose and fix the problem.

You’ll get priority service even in the busy season. Our exclusive service agreements offer preventative maintenance to help ensure your system is running at peak performance.

Plus, you’ll have the added value and peace of mind of knowing that your HVAC system is protected year-round.


Automatic Climate has been an industry leader in HVAC service agreements since 1983. All of our technicians are NATE certified. Automatic Climate Heating, Air Conditioning, and Air Ducts of Richmond is a family owned and operated company driven by quality and dependability. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional services as well as providing products and repairs that offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


A small monthly investment could save you thousand’s in repair costs. Ensure that if a problem with your homes heating and air conditioning system happens, you won’t have to spend thousands to repair or replace it.

Keep your HVAC system protected with a heating and air conditioning service agreement from Automatic Climate.

What is an Automatic Climate HVAC Service agreement?
This is a membership that simplifies the required system maintenance and includes membership discounts with priority customer status.

What does the Service Agreement cover?
* If your HVAC has a combination of the systems below, we will check everything.

How many times will you check and clean my system per year?
Typically residential HVAC systems require annual maintenance.  Meaning the AC part of the system is serviced once annually and the same is required for your heating system. If you purchase an Annual Service Agreement we will check both the AC and Heating System once a year. If you purchase the Seasonal Service Agreement we will check your AC system in the Spring, and your Heating system in the Fall.

Can I get an Automatic Climate HVAC service agreement for my business?
Yes, we offer  Service Agreements for anything that blows air.  We can build custom plans that suit your needs and budget.

If my system breaks after you checked it is the repair free?
With our standard Service Agreement there would be no diagnostic charge within 30 days of the service.  Required repairs would be at a 15% discount.  There is an option to add our full system warranty to your Service Agreement which will cover additional repairs at no charge.

What is a full system warranty and why do I need it?
This is an insurance policy for your HVAC system.  It covers required repairs at no charge.  There is only one exception to the coverage which is a short list of parts that have different coverage terms, and those terms are set in place because the purchase of the part is not covered.  Simply put, if a compressor fails, the customer will pay for the compressor and we will supply the parts and labor to install the compressor.  This still results in an $800 savings, and in many cases the part may be under warranty so the repair would be done at no charge.

If I am a service agreement holder do I get preferential treatment?
Yes, if the outside temperature was 100 degrees and we had a 1 week waiting list, you would be bumped to the top of the list.

Will the price of the service agreement ever change?
Changes are possible from year to year.  However, in the past 10 years we have consistently lowered prices in an effort to be more competitive.

Can I pay for the year or only monthly?
We make paying for the Service Agreements as easy as possible.  You can pay annually, quarterly or monthly with a credit card or check.

Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, all brands.

Is the service agreement transferable?
Yes, you can leave it with the new owners or take it with you to your new home.

Will one service agreement cover my entire home or business?
Yes, and service agreement pricing is further discounted for additional systems.

How do I know how many systems I have in my home?
Typically the easiest way to tell is by the number of thermostats.  But if there is any question you can always contact us at (804) 276-5127.

How do I sign Up?
To sign up either fill out our online form and a representative will call you to complete the process.
Or call us at 804-276-5127 and we’ll be happy to sign you up over the phone.

Plans & Pricing

Spherient Complimentary 1 Year SEASONAL CLEANING Plan (Checked Twice A Year)

$000for Spherient Customers ONLY!
  • ✔ 15% off on any additional services
  • ✔ Priority service
  • ✔ Full service Fall heating system check-up and cleaning
  • ✔ Full service Spring cooling system check-up and cleaning
  • ✔ Full service of humidifiers and air cleaners included