[schema type=”review” url=”www.automaticclimate.com” name=”Shelia Demetriadis” description=”Cleaned out the air exchanges and all registers of years of accumulated dust, etc., and applied sanitizer to the system.Also answered all questions I had about what was going on and gave advice on future needs of the system.” rev_name=”Air Duct Cleaning” rev_body=”Two workers arrived on time and were very polite and professional in their dealings with me. The young man in charge let me know about additional charges above what I had already paid Angie’s List for the serice. This was due to my house having an additional air exchange and registers beyond that covered in the basic fee. It was a reasonable amount for what they would be doing. Once agreed, they got right to work and made systematic progress through the house. The job took a full day, and they even made a point of letting me know that they would be breaking for lunch, which I expected since the job would take all day. They treated my home with respect and left everything in good order and all cleaned up when the job was done. I would certainly hire this company again based on the professional behavior, politeness, and competency of the workers.” author=”Shelia Demetriadis” pubdate=”2012-12-20″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]