We had a service call and had some vent work done.

Great experience from start to finish.

I called for a service call and they came as scheduled and to the point to make sure they did not come when my children were napping.  Very helpful.  Our upstairs heat would perodically not work.  The technician was unable to find the problem because it was working when he arrived.  He informed that if it did not work to call him any time, day or night.  Eventually I was able to call when it did work and he came right away and was able to solve the problem.  We also had some duct work done because two rooms upstairs were not heating well.  They re-ran the ducts at a very reasonable price (~250) and now we have great heat in both rooms which prior had a 10 degree differance from the rest of the house.  And one of those rooms is above a garage.

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