Description Of Work:
Automatic Climate cleaned my home’s HVAC ducts.  Specifically they vacuumed the ducts behind 17 vents and 4 returns in my house and washed the registers.Additionally, they sealed gaps between the vents in the floor and the connecting duct work running under the house with paste/sealant.

After the work was completed they went into the crawlspace under the house and informed us of possible future problem areas.

Member Comments:
I purchased an Angie’s List deal for $239, which covered duct cleaning and an free energy audit. The energy audit was a thorough checking of the duct system, rather than a whole house energy audit.The scheduling of the appointment was easy and the Automatic Climate servicemen arrived early and ready to work.  They were very thorough in cleaning each of the ducts and the related vents, providing details of what they were getting out of the ducts and asking questions to understand how so many spider webs got into the ducts, for example.While they were working, they observed gaps between the ducts and the vents and offered to seal them for $5 each, a very reasonable price. Although the deal only applied to 15 vents and 2 returns, I asked them to check the other vents in the home. After assessing the upstairs, they suggested cleaning two additional registers but told me many of the vents did not need cleaning. I appreciated the honesty and transparency with their cost structure as well as what needed to be cleaned/fixed and what did not. Overall I spent an extra $160 on work that could have cost me over $1,000 (I have received previous quotes in the past from another company).

I was very impressed with their diligence, honesty, and the quality of their work and will likely work with them again on fixing duct work issues which may arise in the future.

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