Heating Air using a heat pump HVAC system

Through the years Automatic Climate has had to deal with numerious types of heating air systems in the richmond and surrounding areas. The one heating system that we found to work the best is a duel fuel heat pump heating system. The duel fuel heat pump system uses electric heat to warm your home or commercial business when the temperature outside is above 35 degrees. However, once the temperature drops below 35 degrees, the duel fuel heat pump will automatically switch over to gas heat to warm your home.

Cost Savings

The switch from electric to gas helps cut down on your heating bills in the winter. Electric heating doesn’t have the power to warm efficiently under 35 degrees. Gas heats your air faster, so it uses less “power”. Power equals money so by switching automatically to gas when its colder can save you a significant amount of money this winter in Richmond Virginia.


How does a Heat Pump Work?

Most homes in Richmond today are warmed using a heat pump. But not everyone knows or understands how a heat pump works to heat your home or commercial business. A heat pump essentially reverses the cooling process of your HVAC system. Now instead of warm air leaving your home to be cooled and drawn back in. the cold air leaves your home and is warmed then drawn back into your home through your air vents. Even when its cold outside the actual air contains heat within. The heat pump helps draw the heat out of the outside air. However, when the temperature drops below 35 degrees this method becomes inefficient. That’s why the duel-fuel heat pump converts to gas heat. When in gas heat mode, your system will turn on the gas burner to heat the air using gas fire.


Heating Air your home with a Heat Pump in Richmond Virginia

The professionals at Automatic Climate can help you with any heat pump heating air problem you might have. We specialize in all makes and models. Additionally, all of our technicians are NATE certified to help ensure that your system is fixed right the first time, every time!


If you are considering buying a new heat pump to heat your home or business, it will have to be professionally sized. At Automatic Climate our installing crews have installed thousands of systems in both commercial and residential homes. We are the #1 installer of HVAC systems for new construction properties in Richmond. Chances are, if your home was built in the past 20 years, we installed the heating and air conditioning system.