The technician, John Ottoson, cleaned out our second floor clothes dryer vent.
The technician, John  Ottoson, was running about 45 minutes late, and someone in the main office called to tell me about this delay a few minutes before he was due to arrive.   I greatly appreciated this notice and there was no problem because I had budgeted several hours for this job, not knowing how long it would take.  As the second owners of our home, I wasn’t sure the dryer vent had ever been cleaned out; we have lived here for 7 years and never had it cleaned.   John was very conscientious; immediately put on the “booties” when he came inside and was very careful when he carried in the large commercial vacuum through our rooms and up the stairs.We had several large blockages in the wall and John discovered at least one bird’s nest.  It took him nearly two hours to make sure the entire length of the tubing was now open to the outside vent.  I was stunned when I saw the mounds of lint that came out of this vent.  I will make sure that I get this vent cleaned out at least every other year, maybe every year.  John said that not only is all this build-up of lint a fire hazard, but  with a total blockage as we had, my dryer could have burned out because it did not have any real venting.

John was very polite, answered all our questions, and did an excellent job.  He double-checked both directions in the tubing to make sure he got all the obstructions loosened and removed.

We would like to thank the company, Automatic Climate, and Angie’s List for offering this “special.”  This offer proved to be the added incentive I needed to get this job scheduled.  We were very pleased with this company, and recommend them highly.  We will definitely use them again.

Angie's List