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November 2018

Peggy V. • AC Clean & Check


John was very nice and extremely helpful and polite. He answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. I appreciate your company and the service. Thank you and I wish you all a happy thanksgiving and merry Christmas. -Peggy V.  

Peggy V. • AC Clean & Check2018-12-04T16:17:31-05:00

Doug C. • AC Repair


Excellent technician Simon Beltz! Great explaining work/answering questions. Would want to ask for Simon for future visits. Doug C.

Doug C. • AC Repair2018-12-04T16:19:02-05:00

Bill W. • Heating Repair


All your tech and office staff have always been very helpful and competent. I have no complaints. Derek did a great job with explaining the initial problem and fixing it under warranty. What's not to like? Thanks. Bill W.

Bill W. • Heating Repair2018-12-04T16:20:17-05:00

Ann S. • AC Clean & Check


We have been very happy with our Automatic Climate service. We always request Simon Beltz because he is prompt, friendly, dependable and very trustworthy. He is now familiar with all our units/boiler which makes for even better inspections. Ann S.

Ann S. • AC Clean & Check2018-12-04T16:21:45-05:00

Ken J. • AC Clean & Check


You are organized and reliable unlike many service providers. The service agreement appointment setup was simple and the technician arrived on time with a courtesy call in advance. Very nice technicians who don’t talk above your head and explain what they’re doing. Very conscientious. Joe was great! Ken J.

Ken J. • AC Clean & Check2018-12-04T16:22:54-05:00

Donna M. • AC Clean & Check


Every time I have a question, your people answering the phone (once I get through the phone tree!) are so helpful and will try to find an answer. Example: having to order a part and not knowing where to get it. Thank you for your fine personnel. Donna M.

Donna M. • AC Clean & Check2018-12-04T16:24:27-05:00

Lynn S. • AC Clean & Check


Derek was great! He called ahead, was very professional, taught me some things I didn't know and encouraged me to get a CO2 monitor. Extremely satisfied! Lynn S.

Lynn S. • AC Clean & Check2018-12-04T16:26:25-05:00

Lawrence L. > AC Clean & Check


What do you most like about our service? Answering emergency calls. Integrity of company reps. Technician was Matt Riva. -Lawrence L.  

Lawrence L. > AC Clean & Check2018-11-27T17:52:38-05:00

September 2018

Catherine F > HVAC Repair


Quick response! Over the years, you have always made quick responses. Always on time, usually call that you can come earlier than window time given ( when the a/c isn’t working, that’s always a big plus). Techs are always polite, get the problem fixed, explain everything to me. I never hesitate to recommend Automatic Climate Catherine [...]

Catherine F > HVAC Repair2018-12-04T16:32:22-05:00

Lauren J • HVAC Repair


What do I like best about Automatic Climate? The service agreement! Having priority for faster service when needed is a great perk! We called yesterday with our downstairs heat pump not working and had a technician at our house within a couple hours. The technician Lee was friendly, efficient, and prompt. Lauren J. Learn more about [...]

Lauren J • HVAC Repair2018-12-04T16:42:50-05:00
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