We want to play our role in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

For regularly scheduled visits we will be providing some modifications to our services. We will not enter the living spaces of homes without necessity. If we must, Technicians will provide a light cleaning to disinfect accessible return air ducts and blower units in addition the required services.

We will remove profits on virus killing air scrubber installation.

During our visit we ask that there are no hand shakes or physical contact. If anyone is displaying symptoms of illness at your location please reschedule by calling 804-276-5127.

We are implementing additional measures during our service. We will be disinfecting our tools and vehicles at every location. Masks and gloves will be worn during services.

If you have any concerns or questions you may email me at apurser@automaticclimate.com.  For service please call our office or email us at service@automaticclimate.com or call 804-276-5127.

Alan Purser Jr.

Automatic Climate
Office: 804-276-5127