In this article, you will find tips to a better, safer, and more energy efficient house. In the tips below, it shows how you can make a “healthier” home. The facts will also help you consume your energy that is contained in your house. Although and Energy Audit is a great place to start, you don’t need a need an Energy Auditor to get started.

Saving Tips: Turn Down/ up the Heat

One of the easiest steps you can take is to decrease the temp in your thermostat to 68 F or cooler. If that’s too cold for you and/or your family, it’ll still help to just turn it down a degree or more. This also applies to the summer months, when it’s highly suggested that you turn the thermostat up to 78 F. For even more savings, invest in a programmable thermostat and/or manually turn up or down the heat when you’re gone for the day and at night when you’re in bed. You can add to these savings by keeping those heating and cooling systems to keep running efficiently via regular maintenance and consistently changing their filters.

Saving Tips: Get Smart about Those Appliances!

A lot of us can’t afford to go out and buy new energy efficient appliances, but there are still many energy consuming steps you can take. Run your dish and clothes washers only when full with your things, which cuts down on the amount of loads, and only run the cold water for washing your clothes. Before a new load of laundry (or just regularly) clean your dryer’s lint filter and use the auto drying sensor to cut down on drying time. Keep your own water heater set at 120 F, and insulate it if needed. Finally, plug your appliances into the power strips that can be shut down/off at night, which will cut down on the constant energy drain caused by the plugged-in appliances and chargers, even when they are shut off.

Saving Tips: Turn Off the Lights

One of the easiest, breeziest saving tips in terms of energy is to easily turn off the lights when you’re not in a space in your household. Replacing those incandescent light bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescents) is another easy, smart step, as these efficient light bulbs typically use 75% less energy and last much, much longer than traditional ones.

Saving Tips: Track Down and Seal Those Leaks

To conclude, take the time to be sure all of your doors and windows are sealed,and secure, or have a professional energy auditor come andget the job done for you. This will cut down on your heating and cooling costs. With an audit, they can also check on your insulation level, as well as track down any subtle air leaks that could be very difficult for you to spot on your own.

There are so many reasons to save energy. By following these easy,smart tips, you can lower your energy bills and do your part to make sure that the planet is kept clean, safe, and livable for generations to come. Energy Audits Denver

Author: James