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Catherine F > HVAC Repair

[schema type="review" url="www.automaticclimate.com" name="Catherine F." description="HVAC Repair" rev_name="HVAC Repair" rev_body="Quick response! Over the years, you have always made quick responses. Always on time, usually call that you can come earlier than window time given ( when the a/c isn’t working, that’s always a big plus). Techs are always polite, get the problem fixed, explain everything to [...]

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Lauren J > HVAC Repair

[schema type="review" url="www.automaticclimate.com" name="Lauren J." description="HVAC Repair" rev_name="HVAC Repair" rev_body="What do I like best about Automatic Climate? The service agreement! Having priority for faster service when needed is a great perk! We called yesterday with our downstairs heat pump not working and had a technician at our house within a couple hours. The technician Lee was [...]

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Patricia R > HVAC AC Clean & Check

[schema type="review" url="www.automaticclimate.com" name="Patricia R." description="HVAC AC Clean & Check" rev_name="HVAC AC Clean & Check" rev_body="Your service provider was efficient, polite, and detailed. Love and feel confident with your company. Your company was recommended by the service contract company when I purchased my condo nearly 14 year ago." author="Patricia R." pubdate="2018-15-05" user_review="5" min_review="1" max_review="5" ]

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